Goju Kai students

Everyone is a student, even long term instructors. There is always something more to learn. People train in karate for all manner of different reasons, but everyone gets the same benefits.

Our students are a wide range of ages from a wide range of life circumstances. The common point is they all come together and train at night, learning to stand up, pick up their hands and fight. They work to a curriculum, adhering to a regular training schedule, and learning in a structured manner. Studying karate is truly life long learning.

Karate teaches both kids and adults how to be comfortable in their own skin. It builds character. Overcome adversity, celebrate diversity and above all be prepared for those moments when we are called upon to stand up for someone else. A karateka is the antithesis of a bully. Lifting weights will make you stronger. Karate makes you braver.

We won’t make life easier. We’ll just make you tougher.