North Coast Goju Kai

Goju Kai in Australia was established in Sydney in 1963 and the North Coast branch of Goju Kai Karate was opened in 1977 by Helmut Moldners Shihan.

North Coast Goju Kai incorporates a number of individual Goju Kai dojos, including Coffs Harbour Goju Kai, across the NSW north coast. Led by our President, Director and NSW Branch Chief for IKGA (International Karate-do Goju Kai Association) Rick Burton 5th Dan Shihan, our club and its very experienced instructors promote a safe and respectful learning environment for karate students to progress at their pace.

Interdojo and interstate training seminars are regularly held to retain and promote high standards among both instructors and students. Training to a standard curriculum allows members to move easily from one dojo to another and maximise training gains during group seminars.

NSW Goju Kai instructors seminar at Woolgoolga