Kata and bunkai

Kata are a form of a solo drill set. They are paired with bunkai, a pre arranged partnered drill set which analyses potential applications from the kata. Kata and bunkai are a key part of the curriculum and make up some of the tools which bridge the gap between basic technique and sparring.

Adult curriculum

10th and 9th Kyu – Taikyoku Chudan, Taikyoku Jodan, Taikyoku Gedan

8th and 7th Kyu – Taikyoku Kake Uke, Taikyoku Mawashi Uke

6th Kyu – Gekisai Ichi kata and bunkai

5th Kyu – Gekisai Ni kata and bunkai

4th Kyu – Saifa kata and bunkai

3rd Kyu – Saifa kata and bunkai

2nd Kyu to 1st Kyu – Seienchin kata and bunkai

1st Kyu to Shodan-Ho – Seienchin kata and bunkai

Shodan-Ho to Shodan – Sanseru kata and bunkai

Shodan to Nidan-Ho – Seisan kata and bunkai

Nidan-Ho to Nidan –  Seisan kata and bunkai

Nidan to Sandan-Ho – Shisouchin kata and bunkai

Sandan-Ho to Sandan – Seipai kata and bunkai

Sandan to Yondan – Kururunfa kata and bunkai

Yondan to Godan –  Suparinpei kata and bunkai

Junior curriculum

Juniors train to a modified version of the adult curriculum. Junior Shodan-Ho attempting senior tips (orange through to black) will need to train in the senior syllabus and be graded with the seniors, attending the relevant senior grading. Therefore a Junior Shodan-Ho black tip will be graded to senior Shodan after their grading, when they of sufficient age, providing they reach the required standard.

10th – Taikyoku Chudan kata, Taikyoku Chudan Gyaku Tsuki kata

9th Kyu – Taikyoku Gedan Oi Tsuki kata

8th Kyu – Taikyoku Jodan kata

7th Kyu – Taikyoku Gedan kata

6th Kyu – Gekisai Ichi kata

5th Kyu – Gekisai Ichi kata

4th Kyu – Saifa kata

3rd Kyu – Saifa kata

2nd Kyu – Seienchin kata

1st Kyu – Seienchin kata

Jnr Shodan Ho – Taikyoku Kake kata, Gekasai bunkai

Jnr Shodan Ho with yellow tip – Taikyoku Mawashi kata, Gekasai bunkai

Jnr Shodan Ho with orange tip – Gekisai Ni kata, Saifa bunkai

Jnr Shodan Ho with green tip – Saifa kata and bunkai

Jnr Shodan Ho with blue tip – Seienchin kata and bunkai

Jnr Shodan Ho with brown tip – Seienchin kata and bunkai

Jnr Shodan Ho with black tip – Sanseru kata and bunkai

Gekasai dai ich

Gekasai dai ni







Kaeshi kumite