Coffs Harbour Goju Kai instructor

Coffs Harbour Goju Kai is run by Jonno Roche, a 3rd Dan sensei (Sandan-ho).

Originally from the NSW far south coast, he started studying Goju Kai under Sensei Barry Linehan in the mid 1990s. After a period of practicing other styles, he returned to Goju Kai in the mid 2010s, studying under Shihan Rick Burton at Woolgoolga.

Jonno also has a keen interest in Historical European Martial arts. In 2020, he translated the 15th century Italian martial arts manual ‘Fior di Battaglia’ and has written extensively about it at Fight Like Fiore.

Awarded Shodan-ho – 1998

Awarded Shodan – 2016

Awarded Nidan-ho – 2017

Awarded Nidan – 2018

Awarded Sandan-ho – 2020